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Wedding Information Wedding Information

What I offer

Everyone receives the same basic service which includes, 2 Professional Photographers for your Wedding Preparation, Ceremony, Formal Portraits and Reception.

All local Weddings will now receive service at the rehearsal FREE!

From intimate candids to that classic wedding party pose. We don't want to miss the simple things that make this day so special. The things the Bride and Groom may never have seen if we don't see it for them. As one photographer captures the way you look at each other while you express your love, the other captures your mother wiping that single tear, the pride on your father's face or your friends giggling because your so nervous.

As a bride myself I know the fears and concerns that can arise from the preparation of this day. I also know the pain when certain images are not captured or are of poor quality. My goal is to is to provide you with every image you know you need and those that you didn't know you wanted.

Forever Yours! Forever Yours!

In addition to your Wedding Services all of my couples receive a lifetime membership to the "Forever Yours" Portrait Program. Once a Bride and now a Mother, I know that this is just the beginning of your journey together.

Your membership entitles you to 1/2 price private sessions and once I establish my permanent Studio location, FREE sessions there, for life! 

The relationship we will build during your wedding is intended to last so that you will never need to be concerned who will take your Anniversary and hopefully your baby's Portraits.

Years later, this couple has taken full advantage of this program! Ask yourself, three years after your Wedding, Will you remember your Photographer? And will you want that same Photographer taking your Maternity Portraits?

Wedding Services Wedding Services

All of my services are based on need, you need proper coverage for your day, you may need additional services, you may or may not need packages of your Portraits. You need a Photographer at the top of their game! I do not do more than one Ceremony each Month for this reason, it is exhausting and time consuming. I want to dedicate myself to YOUR Wedding and your Portraits.
Not everyone needs, wants or can afford a specific amount of time. You will not be locked into packages, I am happy to let you see all of our creations prior to purchasing any of them, that is how confident I am.
If you are having a very intimate ceremony (less than 30 people) please call, I will be happy to customize a service for you.
These prices are subject to change at any time. In order to guarantee these prices I must have a complete signed contract and deposit.

Attention last minute Weddings! I have space for November and December of 2007! If you book your Wedding you will receive your Portraits CD FREE!

Click for Wedding Services price list.

Wedding Portrait Prices Wedding Portrait Prices

All Portrait Pricing can also be customized to each individuals needs. The basic Packages are listed and are available at a 10% discount if purchased with your Wedding Services.

Click here for Portrait Prices

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